The Well Ministries


Where do I even start?



This is one of the most daunting questions when thinking about getting involved with adoption and foster care! The numbers are so big and the need seems so great, how can one person even make a difference? It all seems so overwhelming, that sometimes we find ourselves paralyzed and don’t do anything at all. Ask questions and learn someone’s story. When we start to see people and hear stories it is so much more personal than statistics or numbers. Our encouragement to you would be to take a baby step! We have even given you a few ideas below:



Reach out to us! We would love to connect with you, answer questions, and help you figure out next steps. You do not have to walk this journey alone.


Visit our resources page to find other blogs, books and additional resources to learn more. We will share resources to connect you to stories and ways to get involved.


Sign up to attend one of our events. We would love to serve along side you! You can learn more about adoption and foster care and meet others who are involved.


We believe that is the responsibility of the church to care for vulnerable children and that each of us has a role to play. It is not our job to determine the outcome, but we are invited into a beautiful story that is already being written. If you want to get involved or learn more, our desire is to help you navigate the process so that you are not doing it alone!



Tara Stone