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What Can I Do?



Not everyone can care for a child, but everyone can do something.

Sometimes being involved in adoption and foster care is mistakenly conveyed as only taking a child into your home. However, that is a myth! There are so many ways to be involved. In fact, we want everyone to be involved in some way. Each of us has unique strengths and gifts that we can offer as a way to serve.

At The Well, we have an amazing volunteer who prepares homemade dinners complete with breakfast for the next morning. She is not at a place in life to take a child into her home but she uses her cooking talent to help us bless parents who have children in their homes. And let me tell you, those parents rave about the meals!

We also have several college students who faithfully serve with us at Family Village. One of our core values at Family Village is that our children have the opportunity to hear truth about their worth and intrinsic value. We specifically pray for volunteers who want to build relationship with these children and show them love. We are so grateful for the college students who cannot take a child into their home but who use their gifts and time to invest in our children at Family Village.

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Join a Team

Meet a foster or adoptive family and find a way that you can support them in their journey. Offer to help a mom with errands or help with a handyman project. Bring dinner one night or babysit so that they can have dinner. 

Help us provide food

We love to feed people whenever we can! If you like to cook (or can pick items up at the grocery store), we would love for you to help us. It is not a large commitment. We have a couple of events that occur once a month that we provide food for.

Plan a group project

We would love for you to get your small group, family, or group of friends involved with you! You can work on a project together (ex: birthday in a box or goodie bags for social workers) that will be a fun blessing to families or frontline workers.

Serve at an event

We have a few regular monthly events that we would love to have you join us for! We need volunteers investing in kids, building relationships with families and helping with behind the scenes stuff. Let us know if you would like to join!


Pray for our families! There is a spiritual battle of these children and these families. We would love for you to support them in prayer. If you are interested, we can provide you with a prayer guide.

Tara Stone